Pilgrimage sites of Anime “Nichijou” in Hachioji, Tokyo

What kind of place is Hachioji(八王子)?

Hachioji is one of the core cities of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. It is a representative residential area of Tokyo, as well as a railroad hub for travel to central Tokyo and Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures.

It is where Arawi, the author of Nichijou, lived temporarily when he moved to Tokyo from Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture. Because of this, the scenery of Hachioji City was used as a background for the manga and anime.

Access to Hachioji

From Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Sta. → Keikyu Line → Shinagawa Sta. → Yamanote Line → Shinjuku sta. → Chuo Line → Hachioji Sta.

From Narita Airport

Narita Airport sta. → Keisei Skyliner → Nippori Sta. → Yamanote Line → Shinjuku sta. → Chuo Line → Hachioji sta.

From Tokyo Station

Tokyo Sta. → Chuo Line → Hachioji Sta.

Pilgrimage sites of Anime “Nichijou” in Hachiouji

Seven-Eleven Hachioji Koyasu 3-chome store (at the intersection waiting for the traffic light)

The model for the coin parking sign that appears as a background in the scene where Yuko is waiting at the traffic light is this convenience store (Seven-Eleven) sign.

Here is a photo taken from the same angle as in the anime. Even the shape of the apartment building in the background looks just like in the anime.


Tensho-an / Model for Daiku Cafe

This restaurant is the model for Daiku Cafe. The actual store is a privately owned restaurant where Okinawan food and sake are served. 2022, the anime production committee of “Nichijou” officially approved the shop as the “Model for Daiku Cafe”.


Vending machine corner

The vending machine corner is located to the east of Tensho-an. In the anime, this is the place where Mio does the dragon screw on Yuko and Sasahara’s goat. It has the same appearance as in the anime.

In modern Japan, where smoking is increasingly banned, it is rare to find a place with so many vending machines handling cigarettes.



North side of Hachioji Station, You-road / Entrance to Tokisadame Shopping Street

The model for the entrance of Tokisadame Shopping Street, a shopping street in Tokisadame City. West Radiation You-Road on the north side of Hachioji Station was adopted as the model. The shopping street entrance also appears in the animation.

Unfortunately, the shopping street gate that was used as the model for the animated film was removed for redevelopment. Today, there is almost no trace of it. The shopping arcade gate that served as the model was located around the pedestrian bridge in this photo.


Lawson Hachioji Minami-shinmachi store / Tikomart, background

The convenience store where Yuko ordered a chicken bar. Hasegawa works there.

The store itself was not turned into a Tikomart, but the background was appropriated for the anime. The store was modeled after a convenience store in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture.


Ueno-Tenman Jinja / Shrine

This shrine appears in the story where Yuko, Mio, and Mai get caught in the rain. In the anime, it appears under the name “Tenmangu”, but the actual shrine is named “Ueno-Tenman Jinja”.

Yuko and her friends were sitting on the stairs at the entrance of this building.


Rock-Paper-Scissors Staircase

The stairs where Yuko and her friends were playing “Janken Glico”. The stairs on the right side of the picture appear in the animation. Don’t trespass the stairs on the left, as they are private stairs leading to the apartment.

In the animation, the staircase is depicted as wide enough for three people to stand side by side, but the actual staircase is narrow, barely wide enough for one person to walk down.

View from the top.


*Because of its location in a residential area, the map is not posted so as not to disturb the neighbors.

Okadomachi Chibikko Park / Nagashi Somen Koen

Annaka went to the Nagashi Somen Festival and was subjected to a number of unreasonable punishments and “e-!?”. It is located near the Chuo Line tracks.

There is a private house next to the park, and it looks just like the house where that Somen-Obasan lives. However, the house is a normal private house, so do not disturb the people who live there.

Also, when you visit this park, you must see this place. This is the slide that Hakase was sliding on in the ending roll of the first half of “Nichijou”.


That’s all for the introduction of Nichijou’s Pilgrimage sites! Please visit Hachioji when you come to Japan!


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